What you need to know about pumping oil tanks

What you need to know about pumping oil tanks

What you need to know about pumping oil tanks. Pumping from oil tanks or flammable materials like gasoline or hydrocarbons can be a dangerous operation if not done with great care. These materials are dangerous especially if they are in contact with other elements such as fire. 

Thus, if you wish to pump your fuel oil tank and flammable materials, it is essential to call in a professional. The experts have knowledge of techniques without risk of explosion and have the appropriate equipment to act delicately.

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In which case should an oil tank pump be carried out?

Since electricity and gas are becoming more and more expensive in terms of energy to power a house, it is not uncommon to use another source such as fuel oil. 

It is an element that has proven itself in the market and in order to function correctly you need to install an oil tank. But it sometimes happens that pumping is necessary due to different reasons:

  • The acquisition of a more suitable tank for your residence and in this case it is necessary to transfer the fuel oil into the old tank
  • The oil tank is out of order
  • To remove all impurities at the bottom of the tank

How to pump the oil tank?

This operation, once entrusted to the good care of a professional, will be carried out on a very regular basis. It consists of bringing pumping equipment near the tank. 

Depending on your project, either to install it in the new tank or if the fuel oil is out of use, it will be transported in a tanker truck and treated in a specialized factory.

Degassing of fuel oil tanks

For professionals, degassing is a term they frequently hear during their mission, but for us in practice it is not so obvious, it even seems a little vague. 

Note that degassing is an important step before moving on to pumping an oil tank. It consists in removing the gas contained in the fuel oil by sucking it in and then the tank must be ventilated to make pumping easier and to avoid any explosion.

In which case to pump flammable materials?

Flammable materials are numerous, but the most frequent are gasoline, diesel and petroleum, which in contact with air and fire can lead to propagation and fire or even an explosion. 

However, these are elements that we use regularly not only for vehicles, but even in a residence to supply emergency generators in the event of a power cut. 

Thus, a lot of home has a tank for flammable materials and it is necessary to perform pumping for this purpose to make the object useless or to maintain it.

The procedure for pumping flammable materials 

Do not proclaim yourself a scholar, especially in this area, because it is a public danger. It is strongly advised to hire professionals who have the skills required for this task. And moreover, the law orders that it is the certified experts who must intervene in this field. 

The handling of these devices still requires special attention and temperature verification. As a general rule, to remove any danger and thus render the product harmless during transport or during the process, it is necessary to cool it.

The importance of calling on a professional to perform the pumping 

Pumping is not a job for everyone. When we talk about pumping, we are always talking about hazardous materials, whether fuel oils, flammable products, hydrocarbons or other hazardous materials… there are several in all. 

In some cases, such as for flammable products, the laws are so strict whether it is with regard to professionals or individuals who are in the vicinity. These measures were taken with the aim of ensuring the safety of the environment and that of the users. 

Remember that a single spark will be enough for the fire to spread quickly, and you won’t even have time to reduce the damage done. To avoid unpleasant surprises, contact the maintenance and sanitation professionals.

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