Logitech G930 keep Turning Off Windows 10

Logitech G930 keep Turning Off Windows 10

Windows 10 come with some pressing problems or dilemmas, from the effortless one up to the complex one. One regarding the dilemmas that are typical frequently happens is the Logitech G930 that keeps turning off in your Windows 10 system.

Various conditions can make the Logitech G930 cordless headset is disconnected all the time. In addition, it could always again disconnect and reconnect where it is annoying for the consumer. Here are the conditions as a result of this issue:

Logitech G930 keep Switching Off Windows 10

Once you brought the Logitech that is a new cordless headset and then installed the Logitech game software. After that, the headset is linked to your computer. Often, every moment that is a few USB dongles might beep, the sound is stopped, and then the dongle beeps once again additionally the sound is on again.

Whenever you install the version that is the latest of the Logitech G930 headset. It may work for a bit, but then the bond will be lost by it rather than connected once more. In the other situation, it can also keep linking and disconnecting on Windows 10.

Logitech G930 keep Switching Off Windows 10
Logitech G930 keep Switching Off Windows 10

The Logitech G930 could be cut out whenever you upgrade the operating system for Windows 7 & 8 towards Windows 10.

This dilemma has occurred to users being various. However, there are numerous solutions that you can do to fix the Logitech G930 keep turning off Windows 10.

The question is maybe “why this pressing problem happen?” Actually, there are several reasons that can trigger this problem. Those reasons are as follows:

  1. The interference of your devices that are wireless while the Bluetooth or WiFi devices. The actual fact is if you will find more devices that are wireless the Bluetooth devices on your computer, it can interrupt your headset while making it turns off.
  2. The USB is unable to provide power that is enough causes the Bluetooth receives is unstable.
  3. The Logitech G930 driver issue.

Now the reasons are known by you. Next, we shall talk more about the solutions, so that you will get the Logitech G930 function is back.

SOLUTION 1: Plug the Logitech G930 another “USB 2.0 Port”

This solution is first a test. Then link it towards the other USB port in the event that the Logitech G930 headset keeps turning off, you can plug it out first and. Its better to connect with the USB 2.0 port if you use the Blue USB port or the USB 3.0 port only in that situation.

In addition, you are able to decide to try to get in touch with the receiver of the headset to the Computer USB port straightly if you use the USB HUB before.

Please ensure that the Logitech G930 is fully charged, also it is driven off it to the computer before you reconnect. If the LED next towards the charged on / off switch should be unlit (it is really not blinking or solid green) means that the ability is off.

SOLUTION 2: Roll Back the Logitech G930 Driver

In the event that the very first solution above is no longer working, you can try this solution that is second. In fact, this technique can it create the disconnected headset constantly for you who updated the new driver and. For this instance, you can try to roll back the river towards the version that is previous. Below may be the action that is complete this solution:

  • First of all, enter the DEVICE MANAGER
  • After that, expand the option of “Audio Inputs and Outputs” and find the Logitech then G930 device.
  • Once it was found by you, right-click on it and then choose the Properties > Driver > Roll right back Driver

In the event that the rollback driver is not able to use, maybe you have to Logitech that is download the old motorist version from the formal site of Logitech.

SOLUTION 3: turn the USB root HUB off Power Management

The Logitech G930 is a headset that is wireless. This is exactly why; if the Logitech G930 keeps cutting down, maybe you’ll need to reset the USB Root HUB and the USB HUB Power that is generic administration. Doing this solution that is third below will be the complete steps you need to do:

  • First, you’ve got to enter the Device Manager.
  • After that, Expand the Universal that is“ Serial Controller” and then pick the USB Root Hub > Properties > Power Management.
  • The the next thing to complete is uncheck the “Allow the computer to turn this revolutionary product off to save power”
  • After that, check the power safe for the USB that is entire root and also for the Generic USB Hub one by one.

Those will be the methods to do this method that is 3rd. You will need to try it to find out for you or not whether it is the better one.

SOLUTION 4: Disable the USB Selective Suspend Settings

The Logitech G930 keeps turning off on your Windows 10 can be caused by the USB Selective suspends power environment. That is why; disabling it might solve the Logitech G930 issue. To do this method, please below proceed with the instructions:

  • Start the commencement menu and then choose Settings > System > Power & Sleep > power that is additional
  • In the power plan you can click the “Change Plan Settings” option that you’re making use of
  • You can view the option of Change the power that is advanced, choose that.
  • Within the power settings, you will find the USB settings and then click the “USB then Selective suspend settings” option
  • The text menu to choose “DISABLE” for the reason that setting, drop-down.
  • The APPLY option and click the okay button after that, click.
  • The thing that is final do is reconnect the headset to your computer. Usually, the logitech G930 sound will maybe not again cut off as well as the connection will keep turning on all the time.

This solution is really easy to do and you also have to use this to learn it’s the one that is most beneficial for you or otherwise not.


Those are some solutions and techniques that we can share about the genuine methods to fix the Logitech G930 switching off Windows 10. You can look at at least one associated with the methods above to get the proper one for you. We hope that this short article is helpful and the Windows can be used by you 10 convenient.

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