Everything you need to know about cleaning pipes

Everything you need to know about cleaning pipes

Everything you need to know about cleaning pipes Pipe cleaning is a cleaning technique aimed at ensuring the proper functioning of pipe networks. 

It is part of the necessary maintenance of a septic tank. These can be the sewage piping systems for toilets, bathrooms, sinks, and dishwashers. 

All domestic water pipes and conduits require regular maintenance in order for them to perform their role correctly. This is how cleaning is very important. This technique avoids pipe malfunctions and the inconvenience that this can cause.

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The reasons for cleaning the pipe

As we have seen, pipes can present problems if they are not well maintained. Moreover, the pipes of the septic tank back up, spreading a bad odor when they are congested. The same goes for the clogged pipes that connect the sinks or the sink.

Let us also note the pipes of the storm water networks, as well as the gutters which can present inestimable damage. Truth be told, negligent cleaning of pipes can cause two types of damage. 

First of all, unmaintained pipes form toxic substances such as hydrogen sulphide or even toxic gas. These substances cause deterioration of pipes, especially those made of concrete or cast iron. 

They also destroy the joints and are responsible for backflow. The second problem with scaled pipes is clogging. The clogging of the pipes is noticeable by the flow of water which becomes slower and slower.

The progress of a pipe cleaning

As its name suggests, pipe cleaning consists of cleaning the entire network of pipes. Obviously, the cleaning must be carried out by a professional since each connection and each column must be cleaned. 

Thanks to a specific system, the technician cleans the pipes. In the majority of cases, high pressure jet is one of the techniques used. 

This method respects the environment, because there are no chemicals. Another method is also to use a hydrodynamic rocket.

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Whatever techniques are used, the main goal is to remove all the detriments and deposits that accumulate on the walls of the pipes. 

Indeed, the accumulation of detriments is the cause of traffic jams. From now on, the experts intervene with sewerage trucks, specially dedicated for this type of operation.

Collaborate with real professionals

Nowadays, many professionals offer pipe cleaning. By calling on one of these professionals, you can benefit from quality service. Professionals intervene with quality equipment, specially dedicated for this type of operation.

The technicians first produce an estimate based on the diagnostics carried out on site. The performance of the various cleaning procedures varies depending on the condition of the pipes and their installations. 

In most cases, providers offer comprehensive offers including pipe inspection, cleaning and other necessary additional services. 

Before carrying out the cleaning, you must check that the estimate has been executed correctly in order to be aware of the costs of the operation.

Can we estimate the cost of a pipe cleaning?

Although requesting a quote is the only way to find out the cost of cleaning, you can still find out about the prices before calling the professionals. 

To do this, it should be understood that the majority of technicians offer rates that include all services and travel costs, while others offer the services separately.

In any case, the costs of cleaning depend on the type of service provider chosen, the region, and the condition of the pipes. Prices may also vary depending on the day or period when you call on professionals. 

In general the cleaning costs between 550 euros to 600 euros. These are only estimates, the best thing is to compare the prices, before undertaking any operation. 

To avoid spending a fortune on cleaning pipes, do not wait until your pipes experience serious problems before calling in technicians. 

Do not underestimate the regular maintenance of your pipes either, by adopting some good habits aimed at avoiding unpleasant surprises.

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